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How We Help

We help universities remove the barriers so they can grow their nursing and healthcare programs. We do this through collaborative partnerships with healthcare providers that allow schools to achieve unprecedented growth while maintaining, and sometimes enhancing academic quality.

We offer university partners an unparalleled service that enables them to increase enrollments and achieve their financial, academic, and graduation goals.

Top Quality Talent

With a growing partner list of university partners, we have already successfully educated thousands of students across the U.S. In fact, graduates of our programs tend to have higher than average first-time pass rates on board exams.

  • %

    The pre-licensure persistence of students across all Orbis-managed nursing programs.

  • %

    The average first-time NCLEX pass rate among graduates of Orbis-managed nursing programs.

Enrollment Growth

Growing your healthcare degree programs to meet market demand is possible. Orbis helps university partners increase enrollment levels from a class average of 30+ students once a year to classes of 70+ students three times a year.

Site Management

Orbis Education builds, establishes, and equips academic learning sites where students practice clinical skills in a lab setting, engage in collaborative learning activities, and take exams in a proctored, secure testing environment.

Course Development

The Orbis Product Development team works closely with our educational partners to optimize your existing curriculum for online delivery and leverage best practices in online learning. We can also help deliver prerequisite courses online.

Clinical Placement

Orbis forms strategic partnerships with leaders of the country’s best and biggest healthcare organizations, maximizing the clinical relationship to ensure the most consistent, hands-on experiences and placements for students.

Marketing & Enrollment

Orbis Education recruits and manages the student acquisition process and helps to handle all enrollment advising. From initial inquiry to successful matriculation, we help schools get qualified applicants into the pipeline.

Student Support

We provide the support needed for students to live up to their potential. From our student success initiative (PACE) to our dedicated admissions teams and faculty members, we have what it takes to help students start to finish.

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