Our Solution for Healthcare

We take a demand-driven approach.

How We Help

Our university partnerships and hybrid programs create a continuous pipeline of qualified practitioners ready for hire without the costs of recruiting and training. Our healthcare partners have priority hiring access to graduates who were trained in their facilities, on their equipment, in their cultures, and by their people.

We provide our healthcare partners a seat at the academic table and the opportunity to influence the education of the next generation of healthcare workers.

Benefits to our Healthcare Partners

At Orbis, we understand the challenges healthcare systems face when it comes to delivering the right care, at the right time, by practitioners with the right education and skills. Our mission at Orbis is to help you address the crisis before it begins.

Improved Care

More hospitals are seeing the link between positive patient outcomes and baccalaureate-educated nurses. From our flagship ABSN program, to our advanced practice and specialty track programs, we support your organization in earning or maintaining Magnet status through educating quality professionals.

Cost Efficiency

We understand the need to balance superior patient care with cost efficiency. Our immersive partnership approach gives you access to top talent while reducing your recruiting, hiring, training, and turnover costs. We also reduce your need for contract workers, which is expensive and can disrupt continuity.

Hiring Advantage

Today’s competitive hiring environment makes it difficult to source the level of talent your organization demands. Our partnership model provides you with a pool of talent specifically prepared to succeed within your organization, allowing you to pick the “best of the best” and gain a competitive advantage.

Educational Influence

Orbis provides healthcare partners with a voice in how healthcare education is being delivered. Our partnership allows healthcare providers to help educators prepare students for a future as competent, confident, leaders in the industry and shape the future of healthcare education overall for the next generation.

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