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Bundled Services Solution

Orbis provides the program management services necessary to produce workforce-ready, clinically-skilled healthcare practitioners who reflect our partners’ brands and values. From student recruitment to site development, we manage and fund it all. Plus, we provide unmatched support from start to finish to ensure student success and retention.

And this just begins to scratch the surface of everything we do for our partners.

Upfront Capital Investment

How much does it cost to partner with Orbis Education? Absolutely nothing. Instead of charging a fee for our services, we share the revenue. In fact, Orbis provides all of the capital upfront so our partners can reap the rewards without any financial concern. That includes building, staffing, and managing state-of-the-art off-site learning sites for our educational partners.

That’s what we call a win-win-win.

Innovative Academic Platforms

The Orbis Product Development team works closely with our educational partners to optimize your existing curriculum for online delivery and leverage best practices in online learning.

We provide robust flexible learning technologies, including more than 900 proprietary learning objects and course modules, and offer 24/7 support for students and faculty.

Clinical Placement Partnerships

Orbis sources all clinical placements for our educational partners and manages all clinical scheduling with our healthcare providers.

Our immersion clinical training model, which offers real-world experience in diverse healthcare settings, allows students to graduate practice-ready and ready for hire. This provides healthcare partners a pool of qualified candidates at no cost.

Industry & Regulatory Expertise

Orbis has the expertise our partners need to successfully execute our educational programs. We offer knowledge base on:

  • Healthcare industry dynamics and workforce trends
  • Hospital recruiting and staffing challenges
  • Clinical requirements for healthcare programs
  • Implementation and management of satellite learning centers/simulation labs

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