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Every person who is a part of Orbis Education contributes something that helps create a better future for healthcare and humanity. Each job is valuable in providing high-quality education customized for today’s changing healthcare needs and efficiently putting top talent into the workforce. Each team plays a role in empowering someone to fulfill their dreams of changing lives, as well as ensuring that the future of the country is well-cared for when its needed most.

Our executive team instills the confidence in employees to take complete ownership and accountability in the work they produce. We believe every job is meaningful and every employee is valuable. Our goal is to make a difference every day that will help foster change for a better tomorrow.

We are led by a team with 150 years of combined experience in higher education and healthcare.

  • Daniel Briggs

    Founder & Chief Executive Officer

    "At Orbis, we’re solving the practitioner healthcare shortage issue by partnering universities with healthcare providers – linking supply and demand.”

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  • Scott McCormick

    Chief Operating Officer

    "We built Orbis on the principles of quality education and positively impacting student’s lives."

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