Healthcare Workforce Shortages

The U.S. healthcare industry is facing a serious gap between the supply of qualified caregivers and the anticipated demand for care, driven by a number of factors:

  • The population continues to grow, while average life expectancies are increasing
  • Millions of baby boomers are reaching retirement age, including those in healthcare professions
  • The Affordable Care Act is increasing demand for healthcare services from all segments of the population, including those traditionally underserved
  • There is a growing disparity between the healthcare settings and geographies where caregivers are most needed and where they choose to practice

Between replacement needs and new demand, healthcare organizations will be experiencing a shortage of skilled practitioners within the next ten years, if not sooner.

Healthcare Workforce Shortage

Source:  Bureau of Labor Statistics 2012-2022 employment projections

At the same time, most of the colleges and universities that educate these practitioners lack the resources to grow their programs quickly enough. We believe it is our responsibility to bridge the gap between educator and employer

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