How We Help

Bringing Supply and Demand Together

At Orbis Education, we solve healthcare workforce shortages by creating collaborative partnerships between educators and employers.

Our expertise in hybrid learning and our relationships within the academic and healthcare communities have made us the industry leader in managing healthcare programs that combine online courses with hands-on lab and clinical learning. Our partnerships combine the university’s academic expertise, the healthcare provider’s clinical expertise, and our own program management expertise to significantly expand educational access without sacrificing quality.

We specialize exclusively in degree programs for high-demand fields such as nursing, advanced practice nursing, occupational therapy and physical therapy. Our model has yielded successes such as:

  • Growing a university’s accelerated BSN program to the largest enrollment in the state, then successfully expanding it to a neighboring state
  • Saving a hospital system hundreds of thousands of dollars in recruiting, staffing, training and replacement costs by creating a pipeline of new hires specially trained in their practices and procedures
  • Linking a university’s renowned occupational therapy assistant program with a nationwide provider of rehabilitation services to meet a growing need for OTAs

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