Healthcare Partner Benefits

For CEOs

We understand the need to balance superior patient care with cost efficiency, and we believe these goals need not be mutually exclusive. Our immersive partnership approach gives you access to top-notch talent while reducing your recruiting, hiring, training, and turnover costs. In exchange for providing all the clinical rotations for a program, you get a pipeline of practitioners who are recruited from the local community and specifically trained in your facilities, on your equipment, by your people, in your culture– all without any investment on your part.

For Chief Talent Officers/HR Managers

Today’s competitive hiring environment makes it difficult to source the level of talent your organization demands. Yet relying on temporary staff is not only expensive, it disrupts continuity and organizational learning. Our partnership model provides you with a large pool of talent specifically prepared to succeed within your organization, allowing you to pick the “best of the best,” reduce your hiring costs, and gain a competitive advantage.

For CNOs

Our core offering has always been the Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing program because we understand the link between baccalaureate-educated RNs and patient care outcomes. Our ABSN students are often second-degree students or career-switchers with a high level of professional maturity, and our graduates consistently have NCLEX pass rates well above the industry average. In addition to the ABSN, we offer advanced practice and specialty track programs that help your existing nurses advance their careers and support your organization in earning or maintaining Magnet status.