For Healthcare Partners

Solutions to Your Staffing Challenges

As industry experts focused solely on healthcare education, we understand the issues today’s healthcare providers face. Our partners around the country wrestle with increased demand for high-quality, integrated patient care, while workforce trends point to shortages in the roles needed to meet that demand. For many providers, the high cost of recruiting, training, and retaining qualified practitioners has become a significant strategic concern.

By becoming an Orbis healthcare partner, you gain access to a large pool of talented workers already familiar with your organization’s specific practices and processes. Such employees offer immediate productivity and higher retention rates, along with significant reductions in hiring expenses, training costs, and orientation time.

Learn more about how partnering with us can create a competitive advantage at each level of your organization.

healthcare-white-paper-orbis-educationFree White Paper: Tackling the Nursing Shortage

Orbis can help health care providers and educators do the seemingly impossible: fill RN vacancies while maintaining or improving educational outcomes and relevancy. It is no longer up to the health care providers or the schools to figure out a way to fix the problem on their own. With Orbis, both the employers and educators will have a partner to guide them through and absorb costs. Most importantly, Orbis helps hospitals and health care facilities to improve patient outcomes and overall care.

Download a copy of Tackling the Nursing Shortage, a Health Care Report by Orbis Education.