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If your institution offers bachelor’s or master’s track healthcare degree programs, you’re familiar with the inherent challenges of growing these programs. From faculty workload concerns to space and equipment constraints to the difficulty of securing clinical rotations, healthcare programs present unique barriers to expansion. Our role at Orbis is to remove those barriers.

We work with you to transform your healthcare programs into a growth engine for your institution. As your full-service, behind-the-scenes program manager and silent partner, Orbis will:

  • Significantly grow enrollment in your programs by starting new student cohorts up to three times a year
  • Work closely with your faculty to convert and optimize your curriculum for online delivery
  • Provide online prerequisite courses under your institution’s brand, allowing you to begin your relationship with the student right away and generate incremental revenue more quickly
  • Acquire, equip, and staff academic training sites where students engage in hands-on learning
  • Develop your faculty’s knowledge of best practices for online course creation and teaching
  • Source and manage all clinical placements and scheduling for your students
  • Create and implement marketing campaigns (with your marketing team’s approval) to recruit highly qualified students
  • Handle the pre-enrollment advising and enrollment process from initial inquiry through successful matriculation
  • Support student success and retention during the program
  • Uphold your brand and quality standards at every step

Learn more about how Orbis adds value at every level of the institution.

academic-white-paper-orbis-educationFree White Paper: Overcoming Enrollment Growth Barriers

The United States and many countries around the world are experiencing a health care professional shortage that is projected only to get worse. (Ledbetter, 2015) Health care education programs need to remove enrollment growth barriers to meet the demand but face budget restrictions, slim faculty availability, and lack of physical space. With traditional methods, substantially growing enrollment in health care degree programs without straining existing operations is difficult, which makes turning these high-cost, complex programs into revenue generators seem impossible.

Download a copy of Overcoming Enrollment Growth Barriers, a Health Care Education Report by Orbis Education.