Academic Partner Benefits

For Presidents and Provosts

  • Grow your institution’s resources while maintaining academic quality
  • Significantly expand your healthcare degree programs and turn them into a source of incremental revenue for the institution
  • Enable investment in new initiatives that advance your educational mission without increasing pressure on tuition, fundraising, or your endowment

For Health Sciences/Nursing Leadership

  • Bring a robust online learning platform and ongoing technological support to your school/division
  • Help you navigate and fulfill any regulatory and accreditation requirements involved in program expansion
  • Provide expert project managers to make sure all aspects of the project are coordinated and moving forward

For Nursing Faculty

  • Handle all the sourcing, scheduling, and ongoing management of clinical placements
  • Design, develop, and manage resources for online courses, including training and  support on the learning management system
  • Help schedule and deliver exams
  • Continuously improve courses based on student and faculty feedback

For Students

  • Provide a personal admissions advisor to offer 1:1 guidance and support throughout the enrollment process
  • Set up state-of-the art skills labs at each learning site
  • Provide an academic services team at each learning site to support student retention and success throughout the program